What role does spirituality play in your choice of products?

Spirit gives life, joy and peace and shows us things we may not have otherwise known or comprehended. I believe Sacred Scents’ products celebrate the role of spirit in our lives.   Each fragrance carries a name reflective of a spiritual virtue or essence of character.  While properly used, our lotions, oils, gels, butters and scrubs effectively cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin, their reference to sacred scripture and biblical virtues re-enforce the essence of beauty in character and spirit. Sacred Scents is an experience for the Spirit, Body and Soul.

What prompted you to start this business?

I started Sacred Scents for two reasons: first, to create a beauty system that would cleanse, exfoliate and thoroughly moisturize skin; second, to demonstrate that true and lasting beauty is a spiritual experience.  Too often the media positions beauty as superficial, lacking the sacred elements that embody the foundation of all things beautiful. So I created fragrances – such as trust, faith, and grace –  to reflect these virtues which truly underlie my concept of beauty.

So why should someone try your products?

Sacred Scents products are derived from the earths’ resources – natural raw butters, oils extracted from delicate flowers and spices. Together they create an alluringly subtle and pleasurable experience that nourishes your skin, envelopes your senses and uplifts your spirit and soul. I believe people purchase certain products based on quality, but also on a certain sense of self. How a particular product meets a certain need or want, of course, but also how the product makes us feel about ourselves and how we relate to others. If we, as consumers, find a brand that meets our quality standards, performs consistently well, is pleasurable, affordably priced and supports or reinforces something we believe, then we become faithful customers.

What are your plans for developing new products?

Sacred Scents’ five core product base meets daily bath and skincare regimes for normal skin in all seasons. I’m currently working on several additions to Sacred Scents skincare line, they include bath salts, milk baths and specialty creams for severely dry skin.